Antirrhinum majus

Antirrhinum majus

a herbaceous plant. It is from Europe, the Mediterranean basin and North Africa. Its genus includes about 30 species whose lengths range from 15 cm to one meter. There are many colors of flowers for this plant, including yellow, orange, red, pink and white, and are attractive to bees. This plant can continue to grow in the summer in the nurseries and at mild weather, it is carried out. It is cultivated for the beauty of its flowers and its multiple colors, its flowers are suitable for picking and blooming early in the winter.

  • Light

    It needs direct sunlight in 
    order to bloom well

  • Watering

    3 times per week in summer and spring,(1-2) times per week in winter and autumn.

    Care must be taken so that the water does not reach the leaves and is irrigated only when the soil is almost dry, and irrigation should not be overstated to avoid diseases.



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